5 Reasons Why I Became a Photographer
September 9, 2017

Helping People & Creating Their Dream

My lifetime passion for photography started when I was a teenager with the use of a Polaroid camera that I permanently borrowed from my father.  Spending days behind the camera creating art, and watching people fall in love with the images helped me know that photography is what I wanted to do!  I pursued night photography as so many hidden things would become revealed.  Looking for new ways to grow my skills lead me to Chicago for work in commercial photography production where I was hired to help build sets, style, and manage casting for Coca-Cola, Pantene and many other global brands.  As a result of this experience,  I am able to seek out the perfect location, build unique sets and create environments for the client’s desired outcome.

For example, my client pictured below wanted a country wedding so I found several elements and incorporated them into a set that catered to her vision:

You’re Beautiful

My mission is to reveal or remind you of how beautiful you are by uncovering a side of yourself you may have forgotten or never seen before.  This is where the art begins for me and the fun begins for you!  My art is to capture the best expression and physical feature to bring out your inner beauty and personality strengths during photo shoots.  Every person has outstanding beauty and I thrive on revealing it through pictures!

At times we feel the need to conform to what society demands of us and we lose appreciation of our unique selves.  I like for people to be seen, remembered, cherished and never forgotten.  I have been told I always shoot ‘beautiful people’ and I consider this a compliment knowing I can bring out the best in my subjects.

In a boudoir photo shoot your individual self, beauty and fantasies can be expressed.  Falling in love with you is gained with confidence through the experience of these sessions.  You feel empowered by revealing your own personal beauty.

Revealing the Unseen

There is more to what we see on the surface or that which is presented in front of us, and that is where capturing inner beauty, emotions, night photography, the abstract, design, textures, and color come into play.  I find joy in revealing the unseen to the naked eye.  As seen in night photography, colors are enhanced in each object and surface to reveal a new perspective.

Telling Stories

Geography and fashion intrigued me from a young age.  I will never forget flipping through National Geographic magazines and building stories around each picture that caught my attention or looking at all the beauty magazines  like Vogue and Elle and wondering how these images were created.   When I am behind the camera I become part of the experience.  My goal is to take pictures that inspire emotion and visually tell a story.  A picture shows its worth when it draws a reaction from viewers, captures hearts and allows past moments to be shared and relived.

A picture is worth 1,000 words.  Can you count all the emotions you read from this photo strip?

Exploring the World

Photography continues to reveal new interests and refine my old ones.  In photography I can embrace all of my interests and each project is unique and permits me to explore the world around me.  Having grown up in France, England and the United States I consider the world to be my backyard and photography allows me to experience new places all the time.  In my recent destination photography trips (stay tuned for more about that in another blog post) I got to shoot people in nature and cities.

Revealing truth and beauty is a constant thrill to me.  Technology offers me the ability to constantly learn more about photography and its endless possibilities.  I play with new techniques and have developed keen skill in photoshop and Lightroom.  I love that photography is a way for me to constantly foster new interests and explore old ones!

Seeing the present moment, grasping it in a delicate way that makes you feel comfortable and yourself, then presenting it to the world in the form of a picture is an experience I keep falling in love with.

Want to see what I can do for you?  Ready to book a shoot?  Send me a message!

I can’t wait to meet you!


Yours Truly,



“The best images are the ones that retain their strength and impact over the years, regardless of the number of times they are viewed.” – Anne Geddes

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